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Cake Batter Blondies

There was another snack day at work, this was what I brought in.  It was a very easy and stressfree recipe for a very tired me.  It tastes just like a version of Coldstone’s cake batter ice cream!  The original recipe called for a small spread of frosting ontop and I had tried it that way but it was a bit too sweet so I switched it up at the end of the night and decided on a chocolate drizzle.  It definitely needed something ontop but not something that was extremely overpowering like frosting!

For desserts like this when I share it with lots of people, I like to cut them up individually beforehand and place them into their own little wrappers so that people don’t have to fuss with cutting and handling everything.  I think this makes it a little bit more sanitary and easy to grab and go!

My coworkers kept commenting on how moist and yummy the blondie was, some even took a few home!  It was a hit at work and I came home with two pieces (at the suggestion of my coworker who thought I should enjoy some too)! 

If you need a super simple and quick dessert to make, this is the one to make!  It’s a crowd favorite and you won’t be slaving in the kitchen making it either.  :)  Here’s the recipe for cake batter blondies.   

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