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Green Tea Latte

Sprinkle-dipped marshmallows inspired by Roxane Gay’s BAD FEMINIST


Curl up with Robert Galbraith’s “The Silkworm” and a single-serving mug of creamy tomato bisque.

A tropical watermelon sangria perfect for the remainder of the summer or a get together at your home. SmallChicksBigEats.Com

A grilled pork chop with a spiced plum salsa on SmallChicksBigEats.Com.

This Southwester grilled chicken salad made by is a perfect summer salad. We know no one likes to cook when it’s already 100 degrees outside so a cool salad is a perfect dinner option on a hot day. Using grilled chicken, corn, beans, red onion cucumber and tomato; this salad is not only healthy but also delicious.

Indian-style mac and cheese inspired by Mira Jacob’s “The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing.”

A guilt-free "fake-out" chow mein recipe inspired by Jean Kwok’s “Mambo In Chinatown.”